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How Central Air Conditioner Works

How Does a Central Air Conditioner

or Central AC Units Works?

What is a central ac unit?

Central air conditioner unit is an energy moving or converted machines that are designed to cool or heat the entire house. It does not create heat or cool. It just removes heat from one area, where it is undesirable, to an area where it is less significant.

Central air conditions has a centralize duct system....

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Ac Seer – What is Air Conditioner Seer Rating

These Factors Affect Seer Ratings

Air Conditioner Seer Part 1

Ac seer - Where the SEER number located?

Ac seer rating is located in outdoor units. There should be a yellow tag that tells the SEER rating. This seer rating is laboratory maximum rating of that central air conditioner unit .

Homeowners understand that seer rating is important in selecting or buy central air conditioner units....

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How to Change Air Conditioner Filters

How to change air conditioner filters

Why should you replace your air conditioner filters?

Ok, before I tell you how to change air conditioner filters, I should tell you why you should replace it. Some people need a reason to replace it, which is fine.

According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), people spend about 90 percent of their time indoor! Not only that, indoor air quality is more...

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Air Conditioner Expansion Valve – It's Known As Meter Devices

Air conditioner expansion valve is the divided point between the low side and the high side of the air conditioner units. Another dividing point is air conditioner compressors.

The meter device is located indoor (air handler) units with the evaporator coils. It's small and hard to see, unless you open the evaporator compartment.

The meter devices process is showed between points 5 and 6 in PH...

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What is Air Conditioner Condenser?

Types of air conditioner condenser

AC condenser units are grouped according to how it rejects the heat to the medium (surround air). Here are a few condensers units.

o Air cooled condenser

o Earth cooled condenser (Geothermal Heat Pumps)

o Water cooled condenser

o Combination of air and water cooled condenser (Evaporative condensers)

Air cooled condensers are mostly used in a...

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Air Conditioner Compressors

screw compressors

Scroll compressors

All five groups of HVAC compressors work the same way, but their internal methods of compressing refrigerant vapors are different.

The most common compressor is the reciprocating compressor. It comes into two domes or housing:

Open compressors

Hermetic compressors

Hermetic compressor is the most common air conditioner compressors found in residential AC units...

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How to Change Ac Thermostats - Central Air Conditioner And ...

Step 1:

What types of air conditioner thermostat we need? Do we need manual or automatic thermostat?

There is an ac thermostat that could automatically adjust the temperature at specific hour, day, and month, but we have to program it first. This is also known as programmable thermostat.

Programmable thermostat is the best option if we're not home often. It could set the house temperature at...

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Air Conditioner Thermostat

Air conditioner thermostat terms:

Setpoint temperature - its the temperature at which a thermostat wills cut-OFF. The setpoint is the temperature you set at your thermostat for your heater or cooling units.

For example: We're in heated mode and we turn the thermostat adjustment lever to 70°F. The setpoint would be 70°F (it's the temperature we set our thermostat at). The setpoint is known as...

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Basic Refrigeration Cycle - Central Air Conditioner And ...

Basic refrigeration cycle principles:

As refrigerant in the latent state or as vapor refrigerant in the process of changed state to liquid, this is the phase where it absorbs or rejects large quantities of heat. The quantities of heat absorbed or rejected can be managed by controlling the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant.

The boiling point of closed-system liquid can be controlled by...

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