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Turbo Air Split wall-mounted Air Conditioner Installation ...

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failure code manual inverter single split series running lamp timer lamp failure The reason of fault and solution (flicker times) (flicker times) 1 Check whether the connection of the outdoor unit and indoor unit is one to one, otherwise connect the L, N and communication line of the indoor unit and outdoor unit one to one.

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1 Check whether the connection of the compressor is reliable,...

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDC 6 Series Service Manual

Page 12

징 Keeping the louvers horizontal during heating (Only heat pump type) While HOT KEEP is displayed (during hot start operation or when the thermostat has turned off during heating operation), the louvers stay in the horizontal position to prevent cold drafts, independent of the setting of the AUTO SWING key (auto swing or stop).

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(b) Operation control function by the wired remote...

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK20ZMA-S Technical Manual ...

Page 73: 8) Phenomenon Observed After Shortcircuit, Wire Breakage On Sensor

'14 o SRK-T-154 Rotor lock Defective compressor, defective outdoor PCB See page 68. Service valve (gas side) closed, Service valve (gas side) closed operation (8) Phenomenon observed after shortcircuit, wire breakage on sensor Defective outdoor PCB (a) Indoor unit Phenomenon Operation Sensor mode...

Page 74

'14 o...

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Page 15: Auto Restart

4.6 Sleep mode Auto control o When the set sleep time is reached set time of [1,2,3,4,5,6,7hour] input by the remote control during the operation, the operation of the appliance stops. o When the appliance is on pause, the sleep timer mode cannot be input. 4.6.1 Sleep timer operation for cooling cycle o...

Page 16: Protection Functions & Controls

o When indoor pipe temp. is...

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REMOTE CONTROL AND PC BOARD FUNCTIONAL SPECIFICATIONS The electronic air-con control system consists of : CONTROL SYSTEM 1) Hand-held Infra-Red transmitter with Liquid Crystal Display panel (hand held unit) 2) Receiver module consisting of: a) Main receiver Board b) LED Board c) Sensor Board 3) The devices that are controlled by this electronic control system are : a) Outdoor...

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To install a unit that uses R410A refrigerant, use dedicated tools and piping mate- CAUTION! rials that have been manufactured specifically for R410A use. Because the pres- sure of R410A refrigerant is approximately 1.6 times higher than the R22, failure to use dedicated piping material or improper installation can cause rupture or injury.

Page 4: Features And Functions, Remote Controller,...

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