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Air Conditioning EER, SEER, BTU, BTUH, BTUhr, BTU/hr ...

| Heil® | Temp Star® 

- used 0.88 Motor Power Factors

ARI Conditions are: 95ºF-OAT; 80ºF-IDB; 67ºF-IWB or 50%RH | TVA conditions; 95-OAT; 75ºFIDB; 63-IWB  or around 50%RH | Try 85ºF-OAT |

Outdoor Ambient Temperature (OAT)

1.5-Ton 18,000  21-F Split Cond. CFM 1400 WATTS 1536 1.5-Ton is from actual published DATA - Only ARI Rating Conditions

1.5-Ton 18,000 @ 95ºF OAT; Indoors 75-IDB;...

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Date: 2012-01-27 02:37:56

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Air Conditioning System Sizing for Optimal Efficiency

To find the information below; Use within the pdf search:  at least 6" above

Or use down arrow to P-8 & scroll down a-ways...

"If the oil furnace is used in connection with summer air conditioning the evaporator coil must be installed at least 6" above the oil furnace for proper airflow. Distances less than 6" will result in decreased airflow."

Make sure outlet supply takeoffs are NOT blocked by...

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Date: 2014-05-12 12:54:45

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Darrell's AC Trouble Shooting Superheat Subcooling Suction ...

Always check both SH & SC for trouble shooting comparison to normal parameters!


Even on service calls where there are cooling problems the ductwork should have a quick Manual D performed.

Take the ESP static pressure & compare to blower graph or chart, also take the FPM duct velocity.

For Room Return Air balancing, i.e., -.01" IWC = approximately -2.48 Pascals, which is a...

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Date: 2016-09-01 20:25:32

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